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Acoustic 8

Our Acoustic 8 Series evokes a sense of Bob Taylor’s early guitars, built as non-cutaways and with clean appointments that include ivoroid binding, abalone dots and no pickguard. Whether you’re craving a traditional Dreadnought or a fingerstyle-friendly Grand Concert, the rosewood/Sitka spruce pairing will conjure a full, articulate range of acoustic tone.

Acoustic 6

Maple/spruce guitars are a popular wood pairing among stage and studio players who want clean, articulate tone that cuts through a mix. Our Acoustic 6 models can yield a punchy response for aggressive rhythm players and bright, clear treble notes if you like to solo up the neck. If you want a little more low-end warmth with your maple, try the GS6. Visually, standard model options include different grades of maple flame or quilt figure and a variety of vibrant color finishes. 

Acoustic 5

Die satten Mitten von Mahagoni gepaart mit den warmen Obertönen von Zedernholz erzeugen einen Akustikklang, der seit Jahrzehnten Gitarrenspieler und Songwriter gleichermaßen inspiriert. Wie auch die DN7 ist die Dreadnought DN5 mit einer Engelmannfichtendecke ausgestattet und gesteht den Schlagspielern dadurch ein wenig mehr Höhenspielraum zu. Alle Modelle der Akustikserie 5 kennzeichnen sich durch klassische Verzierungen aus Ivoroid und Abalone. Für einen gelungenenVintage-Look sorgt eine optionale Mahagoni-Sunburst-Decke.

Acoustic Koa

In contrast with the wood appointments that decorate our cutaway acoustic/electric Koa Series, our non-cutaway models feature abalone-rich details, including fretboard inlays, rosette and sparkling top trim. Ivoroid binding adds creamy contrast to koa's caramel complexion.


Sweet, vintage voicing with expert Taylor craftsmanship and design.


Deep baritone voicing produces an expanded tonal palette, offered in 6- or 8-string models.


Hawaiian koa's exotic appeal is enhanced with a beautiful series of all-wood appointments.


The pinnacle of the Taylor line showcases premium cocobolo and Sitka spruce, a contoured armrest, and richly detailed appointments.


The most elegantly appointed of Taylor's rosewood/spruce series blends inspiring tone with design sophistication.


Taylor's flagship 800 Series turns the popular pairing of rosewood and spruce into a contemporary classic.


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