Ask Bob: High-strung Guitar Setup

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
By: Bob Taylor

Question:  I have been using Nashville tuning (the higher set from a 12-string used on a six) on a cheap guitar and want to improve the sound to use it seriously. I tried it on my 614ce but was disappointed, as I have to attack too hard to get it to come to life, which is not ideal for fingerstyle, and it lacks some of the "sparkle" that I want. Another problem is that the pickup balance is particularly strong on the middle two strings as I go up the neck. As I cannot really ask my local store to restring several guitars, I was wondering if you have come across this before and can recommend a model and setup that would work better.
Mike Smith
Lincoln, England

Answer: Mike, I have a simple solution. The GS Mini. It's cheap, sounds great, and is perfect for your needs. Do it! Experiment with string gauge, so not to be too light, but it'll work.