Ask Bob: Vintage Value

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
By: Bob Taylor

Question: Bob, some pre-war Martins are very much sought after. Do you think some Lemon Grove [Taylor] guitars might be the same someday? Or do you think advances like the NT neck make newer Taylors more desirable compared to their vintage counterparts?

Answer: Dave, I would never think an early Taylor is anywhere near as wonderful as a pre-war Martin. My "pre-whatever" guitars could be called "pre-knowing what you’re doing!" Remember, Martin had nearly 100 years of experience by then, so I wouldn’t flatter myself. That said, our early guitars are pretty nice. I’ve played lots of them. An early Taylor might be collectable one day, but I can’t in good conscience make any claim that would put them up against a pre-war Martin. Now, if you want to talk about new guitars, I’m pretty proud about those.