Complementary Acoustics

Monday, March 26, 2012
By: Bob Taylor

Question: My sweetheart and I have a few Taylor guitars between us: a Baby, a SolidBody and a 414ce. I’m writing about this last one in particular. We play together frequently (at home, open mics, bars, jam sessions) and want to get another acoustic guitar to complement the 414’s sound when we play together. Can you recommend some Taylor models that would give us and our audience a pleasing contrast of sounds? -- Dave, Menlo Park, CA

Answer: Dave, if you and your sweetheart strum, I’d add a GS to your quiver. But if Sweetheart likes to fingerpick while you strum, or if you like using capos and getting high up on the neck, then I’d add a GC, as being little would be a real sweetie-pie together with the 414. So, strum equals GS, and fingerpick equals GC.