Florentine Cutaways

Monday, March 26, 2012
By: Bob Taylor

Question: I am not a huge fan of standard cutaways on acoustic guitars. However, I think a Florentine cutaway is beautiful. I recently looked at a 2010 Fall LTD 816ce with the Florentine that was amazing. Why doesn’t Taylor make more Florentine cutaways available on standard guitars? -- Brad Hennessee

Answer: Good question, Brad, and not everyone gets a “good question” from me! It’s like when the waiter says “Good choice, sir” when I order; I feel like I passed a test! The answer is really simple and practical. Florentine cutaways are more detailed and time-consuming to make. There’s just not enough time in the day to make them. It would also raise the price of guitars a bit. The Venetian cutaway is one piece and rounded, so it’s not only integral with the side, but the binding work is simple by comparison. Considering how many cutaway guitars we make every day, we just wouldn’t have the capacity to piece together Florentine cutaways on all those guitars.