The GS Mini is Guitarist’s Choice

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
By: chalise.zolezzi

When Guitarist magazine’s chief review editor Dave Burrluck finally got his hands on the GS Mini, it had already spent two weeks in limbo after being mis-routed to a storage warehouse in snow-laden London. Much to his surprise, when the guitar eventually did arrive, it was still perfectly in tune. Burrluck calls the Mini’s performance “very musical,” acknowledging the “tonal depth, strength and resonance aplenty.” He also was impressed by the amplified tone of the ES-Go™ pickup installed in his Mini. His final verdict? The GS Mini is “beautifully simplistic in design and concept…with its own vibe and voice…. Add in the purpose-designed ES-Go pickup, plus a range of other accessories, and you have the sort of high-desire product that’s hard to resist.”

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