Taylor Talks Koa Ukulele and Guitar Set

Thursday, February 2, 2012
By: chalise.zolezzi

At the 2012 Winter NAMM show, fresh designs across the 2012 Taylor line, plus a relaunch of our Builder’s Reserve program, generated lots of buzz and excitement from players and dealers alike.  When players weren’t picking up the new vintage-look 700 Series, strumming the mahogany-top GS Mini, or rocking through a number of electric guitar configurations, they were waiting in line to ohh and ahh over our unique Builder’s Reserve IV set: an all-koa tenor ukulele  paired with a matching all-koa Grand Symphony guitar. The all-koa duo was popular with those who stopped by to discover just what a Taylor ukulele could do, and delighted those who had never experienced one. Only 30 sets are being made, at a suggested retail price of $8998.

Taylor luthier Andy Powers, who designed and hand-built each ukulele, took time out of his NAMM schedule to speak with Aldrine from the popular uke site UkuleleUnderground.com. In the interview he talks about the origin of the uke/guitar set and some of the famous faces he’s crafted ukuleles for:













On the other side of the Taylor Showcase, Wood&Steel editor Jim Kirlin took time to take GuitarWorld.com through the set. You can watch that video here: