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The Rebirth of the 800 SeriesBob Taylor and Andy Powers reveal the next generation of Taylor acoustic tone.

Taylor has made a tradition of celebrating milestone years by looking forward rather than back. Our 40th anniversary year is no different. Guided by the design strokes of luthier Andy Powers and the manufacturing expertise of Bob Taylor, Taylor has reconceived its flagship rosewood/spruce 800 Series, infusing it with a sweeping array of tone-enhancing refinements. Virtually every element of the guitar’s material construction was optimized: bracing, wood thicknesses, glues, finish, strings and acoustic electronics, topped off with a refreshed design aesthetic. The end result is the perfect type of musical celebration: a more inspiring playing experience.

While there are certain core qualities that Andy Powers says he strives to bring to any guitar — volume, sustain, clarity, uniformity of character — one of his driving goals in redesigning the 800 Series was to accentuate the unique characteristics of each different shape. “I want these models to have a family resemblance, but I don’t want them to sound the same,” he says. “I wanted to consider the 812ce, for example, not as it relates to the 810ce, but as it relates to itself.”

The resulting tonal distinctions between each shape, Bob Taylor feels, are far from subtle. “I think players will really enjoy experiencing these new guitars and comparing different models,” he says. “In a way, there’s a rebirth of every one of them.”

“Remarkable consistency from string
to string.”Premier Guitar, March 2014
“Taylor’s most comprehensive overall tone-enhancing refinements ever.”Guitar World, March 2014
“A great guitar made even better.”

Acoustic Guitar, March 2014
“Impressive tonal and aesthetic enhancements, with truly stunning results.”Guitar Aficionado, March 2014
“A fantastic acoustic sound...very dynamically responsive.”Guitar Player, May 2014
“Every chord you play is crystal clear.”Acoustic magazine, May 2014
“The improvements broaden its versatility.”Guitarist, May 2014