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Hog Wild

With the seventh offering from our Builder's Reserve program, we fully indulge mahogany's appealing musical character with an all-mahogany 12-Fret coupled with Taylor's first-ever all-mahogany ukulele. Incorporating mahogany tops brings out the fullness of mahogany's voice, blending a punchy attack with plenty of tonal warmth.

"Both are really dynamic instruments," says Taylor luthier Andy Powers. "They have this really nice balance and sustain to them, with good volume. I was playing the uke in the shop and one of the guys came in and thought I'd put a pickup in it."

Andy says mahogany's warmth gives the tone an especially friendly, comforting appeal.

"It's not crazy exotic, or some faraway, unusual flavor — it's really familiar and easy to listen to," he says. "A fingerstyle player will love the 12-Fret. It'll sound great playing old ragtime, blues, Hawaiian music — all that kind of stuff. You might think it's an old-school bluesy guitar, which it is, but it's not just that. Because it's inherently pleasant to listen to, it will work well with all sorts of music. And the guitar and uke will sound amazing played together. Both sound like you’ve lived with them for a while."

Like the Hawaiian koa guitar/uke Builder’s Reserve Series IV pairing, the all-mahogany versions feature matching appointments. In this case the look is an understated vintage aesthetic, featuring ivoroid binding and inlays, with a vintage sunburst.

Each BR-VII guitar/ukulele pairing features a custom label and was sold to dealers as a matched set. Fifty sets were made.