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Tips for finding the right acoustic guitar


Start with Shapes

An acoustic guitar’s body design literally shapes the sound that comes out of it.

Each Taylor shape has a tonal personality that matches specific playing styles. Consider physical comfort and whether you’re a flatpicker or fingerstylist (or a little bit of both) to find the shape that fits best.
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Season with woods

Woods work in concert with a guitar’s body shape to “flavor” the shape’s fundamental sound.

Once you’ve found a shape, tonewoods add subtle refinement and flavor to a guitar’s overall tone. Terms like warm, bright or dark are often used to describe the influence woods have on tone.
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Choose your look

Thoughtful design details enhance a guitar’s visual appeal and add to your inspiration.

You want a guitar that not only sounds great, but also has a pleasing visual aesthetic. Each Taylor acoustic series boasts a unique package of appointments that range from elegantly simple to exquisitely detailed.
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Consider different specialty categories

Beyond our standard steel-string acoustics is an array of guitars for more specialized applications. 

Taylor’s acoustics branch into categories like portable small-body guitars, easy-to-play nylon-strings, lush 12-strings, deep-voiced baritones, and warm-toned 12-fret models.
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Know your player profile

The real discovery happens when you pick up a guitar and play.

In addition to shapes and woods, your acoustic tone also has a lot to do with your personal playing technique. Do you have a heavy or light touch with your strumming/picking hand? The next time you're in a music store, try comparing several guitars that have the same body style but different woods. Or the same woods with different body styles. You'll start to connect with certain tones and, ultimately, find the Taylor that fits you best.

And remember, whichever body style, wood combination, or type of Taylor you choose, you can always rely on Taylor's signature playability, quality, and ongoing customer support.

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