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Grand AuditoriumTonal Enhancement: More warmth and a looser, more luxurious low end

Andy says: To me the Grand Auditorium 814ce is the quintessential modern acoustic guitar. It’s about the same width as the Dreadnought, but it has a much curvier shape, so its response is completely different. It’s the ultimate general-purpose guitar — you can play fingerstyle, jazz, strum it in front of a band, support a singer, write songs on it, basically use it anywhere you use an acoustic guitar. With these things in mind, I wanted something that had a huge range of possible expression. If I could take one guitar to a gig to cover a variety of different styles, it would be this GA. It’s got the balance, warmth and articulation that I want for a fingerstyle guitar. It has the punch I need to front a band if I’m strumming chords. It has enough top-end power that I could even play lead in a bluegrass band, yet there is enough overall warmth and sweetness that I could play a ballad that my young son could fall asleep to, as the notes don’t have any sharp edges or shrill, nasally spots. What players will probably notice first in this new version is a little more maturity in the midrange. It sounds warmer and older, like an 814 that’s been played a long time. It’s got a loose but powerful low register that doesn’t feel constricted. With the addition of the hybrid Elixir® HD Light string set, this guitar is warm and rich, and yet it can be played to sound powerful with dramatic presence. It’s all within range of your pick or your fingertips.