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Grand ConcertTonal Enhancement: Extra midrange warmth, extra boldness on the top notes, more overall volume

Andy says: I like the intimacy of the Grand Concert. It’s the perfect lap guitar. It’s really comfortable to hold, and with the short scale, it has a soft, gentle feel on your hand, plus a really articulate character because of the smaller body cavity. The small body chamber essentially pushes the frequencies it wants to emphasize up in pitch a little bit. That’s where you get the articulation and intimate sound. From a musical perspective, it makes me want to play it with my raw fingertips as a fingerstyle instrument; it has beautiful balance that way. I might play it with a pick, but I will feel compelled to pick it in a way that draws on that delicate beauty. Inversely, I might choose it for a band setting solely for the balance it would give me. It’s so punchy, clear and focused when played strongly that it works really well amplified in a mix. Its inherent balance and focused articulation also make it a perfect recording guitar, as it fits well with other instruments. The custom mix Elixir® HD Light string set helps produce a bold, robust quality that I want on the top notes, without overloading the top with string tension. That’s really noticeable on the Grand Concert with its short scale. There is a very lyrical, singing quality everywhere, whether it’s the high notes, the middle register, or the low notes. Every note has this luxuriously mature yet easygoing quality that ends up complementing both the low end and high end with surprising dynamic range and a lot more volume than a player would expect out of a smaller guitar. For a player who likes a slightly darker, punchier quality in small guitar, the 12-Fret is a great way to go.