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Grand SymphonyTonal Enhancement: Richer, sweeter sound with more low-end rumble

Andy says: I set out to make the GS a powerful guitar. It’s a big-body guitar, and I want a really rich sound out of it without sacrificing a bell-like articulation. As a player, that is what I’m looking for from a larger-body guitar: a big, rich response. It’s the sonic equivalent of pouring half and half over Frosted Flakes — thick and sweet. You could simply strum pretty chords all day long; you could play fingerstyle and get this thick, swirly, powerful response. It’s almost overwhelming. Typically as you go up in body size, you’ll hear a more pronounced low end because there is a larger air mass which supports it — essentially a bigger set of lungs supporting the top and the back of the guitar. The unique shape of the new bracing design helps produce a synergy of motion in the top and back and, together with the GS body geometry, yields more fullness in the low end. If you like a GA but want a little more rumble, the GS has it.