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In addition to Taylor's standard lineup of guitar models, we periodically craft special runs of limited edition guitars. These series allow us to offer our customers premium guitars with unique aesthetic appeal, and may be inspired by any number of circumstances, from the acquisition of a rare batch of striking tonewoods to special occasions like a Taylor anniversary or our annual tradition of Fall Limiteds. With each offering of LTDs we enjoy the freedom to design a model from scratch in a way that integrates the woods and appointments into a cohesive whole that gives each LTD series a truly unique identity. In some cases our limiteds embody our latest guitar-making ideas; in others they allow us to offer value-added models at an appealing price point. Always a showcase of our latest inspiration, Taylor limited editions give Taylor enthusiasts a chance to own a model of great distinction that only a select group of owners will share.

2016 Limited Editions

A blackwood/mahogany baritone 8-string reveals expansive new tonal dimensions, blending a lower register with a splash of 12-string shimmer. Meanwhile, one of the world’s finest tonewoods, Indian rosewood, visits the 400 Series in the form of rich-voiced Dreadnought and Grand Concert models.

2016 Limiteds »

2015 Limited Editions

A trio of exotic Florentine cutaway Grand Auditorium models brings a sharp flair to this collection of limited editions. Each guitar was inspired by a uniquely alluring batch of wood from Taylor’s tonewood reserves — flamed mahogany, quilted sapele, and blackheart sassafras — with all three harmoniously aligned with a shared appointment scheme and their sharp cutaway. Two other featured guitars on our seasonal menu showcase the warm, woody overtones of a cedar top: a premium-grade koa Grand Symphony topped with cedar, and a 300 Series rosewood/cedar Grand Auditorium.

2015 Limited Editions »

Fall 2014 Limited Editions

A pair of Tasmanian tonewoods, blackheart sassafras and blackwood, plus a trio of all-koa guitars, apply exotic island imprints on our fall 2014 limited editions. Rare blackheart sassafras 700s blend stunning visual beauty with a unique tone profile and premium voicing touches. Our blackwood/spruce 500s celebrate blackwood’s deserving status as a staple tonewood and conjure a vintage vibe thanks to a shaded edgeburst body and neck. Hawaiian koa makes a special guest appearance on two appealing offerings: a pair of all-koa 300s equipped with our ES2 pickup, and a handsome all-koa GS Mini featuring our ES-T pickup.

Fall 2014 Limiteds »

Spring 2014 Limited Editions

Taylor’s spring 2014 collection brings a husky-voiced mahogany-top baritone Dreadnought to the 300 Series, along with stage-friendly upgrades to the 400 Series, featuring an all-gloss body, the new Expression System® 2 pickup, and abalone dot inlays. The 400s are offered in four body styles, plus a 12-string.

Spring 2014 Limiteds »

Fall 2013 Limited Editions

The random discovery of a rare curly mahogany tree supplied the tonewood centerpiece of our 2013 Fall LTDs. Paired with European spruce, the striking wood inspired the design of a beautiful, wood-rich inlay scheme. Other seasonal specials include the warm pairing of rosewood and cedar on our 400 Series Fall Limiteds, along with a stage-friendly upgrade to our rosewood laminate 200s to feature an all-gloss body, full Expression System® electronics, and a hardshell case.

Fall 2013 Limiteds »

Spring 2013 Limited Editions

Our spring 2013 collection spotlights a pair of evocative tonewoods: sapwood-infused African ebony and exotic Central American granadillo. Each found its way to us through different circumstances, but all share an affinity for bell-like overtones. If you like to savor your tone, these models promise to bring your music into full bloom.

Spring 2013 Limiteds »

Limited Edition Fall 2012Fall 2012 Limited Editions

Three inspired wood pairings yield a trio of fresh acoustic voices on this batch of limiteds. Macassar ebony meets reclaimed sinker redwood on a pair of Presentation Series models; rare and visually stunning quilted sapele partners with European spruce; and Tasmanian blackwood with cedar make a special guest appearance together on the 400 Series.

Look for the Fall Limiteds at local Taylor dealers.

Fall 2012 Limiteds »

Limited Edition Spring 2012Spring 2012 Limited Editions

On the heels of refreshing the 2012 line, Bob Taylor and his design crew keep the creative juices flowing with an inspired batch of Spring Limited Editions. For this year’s run, ever-popular cocobolo joins the 800 Series, exotic Hawaiian koa pays a rare visit to the 300 Series, an ovangkol baritone brings a unique voice to the 400 Series, and the GS Mini adds a triple-shot of fun with three premium laminate models.

Spring 2012 Limiteds »

Fall 2011 Limited Edition Guitars from Taylor GuitarsFall 2011 Limited Editions

A cache of dazzling AA-grade koa and an arresting batch of Mexican cocobolo proved to be the central design catalysts for our 2011 Fall Limiteds. Bonded by their bold visual complexions, both woods inspired the notion of a wood-rich appointment package, anchored by a new rosette and a pair of related fretboard inlays that together create a cohesive, organic aesthetic for each series. The koa and cocobolo LTDs offer something truly special to guitar enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of sophisticated wood details.

Another rewarding aspect of designing the Fall LTDs is taking an existing series and putting a value-added spin on it, rewarding players with an extra splash of premium quality at a more accessible price point. This year Indian rosewood makes a guest appearance on the 400 Series, and a cedar top warms up the rosewood laminate Nylon Series.

Fall 2011 Limiteds »