Tone Up Your Taylor With Factory Service Packages 

Our expert repair technicians have serviced thousands of guitars and know exactly how to restore guitars to tip-top shape. In response to owner inquiries, we’ve put together four service packages that cover any level of maintenance a guitar might need. Send your guitar(s) to the Taylor factory specifically for one of these packages, or add a service package to a guitar that’s sent in for other reasons, such as warranty service, ding repair, etc. Guitars shipped to us will be returned in a new shipping carton with Taylor-engineered inserts designed to stabilize the case and cushion your guitar.

Service Packages are available at Taylor Factory Service Centers in El Cajon, CA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Please contact us for complete details and prior to shipping your guitar.   (US/Canada, 1-800-943-6782; international contact information)



  • Stabilize guitar at proper humidity level
  • Tuner tightening and adjustment  
  • Fretboard cleaning and conditioning
  • Installation of new Elixir strings
  • Installation of new battery on acoustic/electric models
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Cleaning and polishing
Available for all Taylor guitar models


Includes the Refresh package plus:

  • Neck angle adjustment (reset)
  • Fret dress
  • Tusq nut and saddle adjustment or replacement (as needed)
Acoustic models
SolidBody models (bone nut and bridge adjustment)
T5 models (bone nut and saddle)
Available for all Taylor guitar models


For the gigging player, Taylor’s repair techs will return your guitar to perfect performance condition. Includes the Revive package plus:

  • Partial refret* (up to 10 frets)
  • Full check of the electronics system
Acoustic & SolidBody models (bone nut and bridge adjustment)
T5 models (bone nut and saddle)
*Full refret add $100
Available for all Taylor guitar models


The ultimate hydrating solution for a dry guitar.  Includes the Refresh package plus:

  • Returned guitar and case to optimal humidity levels
  • Fretboard or bridge crack repair as needed (top or body cracks extra)
  • File and level sharp or uneven fret ends
Available for all Taylor guitar models

Bone Upgrade

Add a bone nut and wave-compensated bone saddle upgrade to any acoustic service package

Expression System Options

Expression System Upgrade

Upgrade your AA battery-powered Expression System pickup to our latest version, powered by a 9v battery. Includes Refresh package. Benefits:

  • Double the battery life (about 40-plus hours)
  • Patented fused string ground safely protects you from electric shock and helps quiet grounding problems when plugging into an improperly grounded system
  • LED battery indicator light on the preamp
  • On/off switch for top sensor gives you more tonal control and variety


Expression System Install

Add the groundbreaking Expression System pickup to your Taylor. Includes Refresh package.


Available for all Acoustic models 300 Series and higher