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Conceived and launched during challenging times, the American Dream AD27e combines premium performance and value, making it accessible to working musicians. This model features back and sides of solid sapele topped with solid mahogany, a hardwood combination that produces a meaty midrange and even balance across the tonal spectrum. Outfitted with V-Class bracing for additional volume and sustain, the Grand Pacific body shape also brings a seasoned tonal response that evokes the sounds of early acoustic recordings. Appointments for the AD27e include chamfered body edges, black top purfling, 4mm dot fretboard inlays, a faux tortoiseshell pickguard, and a Urban Sienna stain, all wrapped in a 2.0-mil matte finish. It ships with built-in ES2 electronics in a super-portable Taylor AeroCase.


Editor's Pick Award
The guitars in the series are the lowest-priced American-made guitars Taylor has ever offered, and it’s no coincidence that they have been introduced at a time when the pandemic has made it more difficult than ever for people to purchase new guitars.
Physically and sonically, the AD27 was able to stand up to my very heavy right hand. It never lost composure or sounded strident—no matter how hard I strummed.
For Taylor fans on a budget who can live without elaborate appointments or more exotic woods, the American Dream series is a no-brainer.
Editor's Pick Award
The AD27 has a big voice, and it rings out clearly and has nice complexity in the midrange, with lots of low-end girth.
...the AD27’s tone is deeper than almost any acoustic I’ve played. It sounds thick and full—but not dull. Although the treble range sounds clear and articulate, it’s accompanied by a rich undertone that gives single notes a stamp of authority.
The instrument’s relatively large body produced respectable volume, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the guitar to players looking for a single guitar to cover many styles.
Editor's Pick Award
As the low-cost realization of Andy Powers’ mission to create an instrument with a round, buoyant tone and the flexibility to cover a wealth of different styles, the American Dream AD27 is a guitar for the times, with an inspiring sound that will please players of all kinds...
Taylor has managed to cut costs while preserving the quality you’d expect from a premium American-made instrument—and added a new voice to its guitar choir along the way.
Not only do the guitars offer maximum bang-for-the-buck, in the AD27e you get a wood combination that’s not available on any other Grand Pacific model.
Even after traveling across country in a shipping box, the AD27 had low, buzz-free action right out of the case—and it stayed that way through some humid New York summer weeks. The intonation was excellent, and the tuning remained stable over long sessions. This is a guitar that wants to be played.
Without question, these guitars are bound to be hot, and I’d recommend checking one out at your favorite Taylor dealer!
If single notes and arpeggios ring sweetly, strummed chords can sound loud, massive, and robust.


Discover the features that make this guitar unique

Grand Pacific


This round-shoulder dreadnought delivers a new flavor of warm, rich Taylor tone.

Tropical Mahogany

Top Woods

The hardwood top produces strong fundamentals with clarity and focus.


Body Woods

One of the best all-around tonewoods there is, sapele will deliver for any playing style.

V-Class Bracing


A revolutionary design that balances the flexibility and stability of the top, V-Class bracing produces unmatched sustain, volume, and intonation.


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