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New Taylor Models

V-Class bracing and Builder's Edition highlight our innovative spirit

Grand Pacific

Inspired by the warm acoustic tones of vintage recordings, our new round-shoulder dreadnought body shape introduces a new flavor of sound to the Taylor family.

Builder’s Edition

Loaded with premium features that enhance both feel and sound, the Builder’s Edition lineup now includes two Grand Pacific models sure to inspire guitarists of all styles.

V-Class Grand Concert Guitars

Experience the tone-shifting power of V-Class bracing in the comfortable, compact frame of the Grand Concert body.

New Grand Concert 12-String Guitars

Featuring a new six-pin string anchoring system and V-Class bracing under the hood, these four new 12-string models from the 300 and 500 Series deliver the power and tone you’d expect from a larger guitar.

100 Series in Full Color

The versatile 100 Series receives a makeover with a charming satin sunburst finish available on all models.

All-Black 200 DLX Models

We’ve brought back the 214ce-BLK DLX, an all-black finished Grand Auditorium, along with the 12-string 250-BLK DLX.

New Koa Builder’s Edition

The all-koa Builder’s Edition K24ce a seamless playing feel with Hawaiian koa’s robust acoustic tone, bolstered by V-Class bracing.

Koa Baby Taylor

Looking for a travel guitar this summer? Check out the revamped ¾-size Baby Taylor, now made with layered koa.

GS Mini-e Maple Bass

Expanding on our popular travel-sized acoustic bass, we’ve created a new model made from layered maple, bringing fresh visual and sonic appeal.

Featured New Models

Builder's Edition 717e WHB


Builder's Edition 517e




Builder’s Edition K14ce






Academy 10e


GS Mini-e Bass


New Taylor Guitar Models for 2019

Each year, we do our best to apply our spirit of creativity and innovation in guitar design to new concepts and fresh sounds. This year, we’re excited to introduce a new set of guitars that challenges how players think about the Taylor acoustic sound.

The Grand Pacific dreadnought headlines this year’s class of new guitars, an original body shape created by Andy Powers inspired by vintage acoustic recordings. Powered by our revolutionary V-Class bracing architecture, the Grand Pacific is a round-shoulder dreadnought that produces warm, seasoned tone in which notes blend and overlap seamlessly. The Grand Pacific launched this year with three new guitars: the rosewood/torrefied spruce Builder’s Edition 717, the mahogany/torrefied spruce Builder’s Edition 517, and the sapele/spruce 317.

We’re also excited to announce the release of V-Class bracing among our Grand Concert guitars. These small-bodied instruments are beloved for their comfort and articulate sound, and the addition of V-Class bracing brings new levels of volume and sustain, lending surprising power to these compact guitars.

After the positive response to our original compact acoustic bass, we’re bringing a new flavor to the GS Mini Bass family. This year, we’ve built a maple edition of our portable, yet punchy bass guitar, providing another tonal and aesthetic option for players seeking a new sound for their acoustic arsenal.

These new models and features embody the Taylor spirit of innovation, and we’re proud to continue that tradition of expanding the capabilities of our guitars and the people who play them.