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Specialty guitars for every application, including 12-strings, nylons, baritones and the mighty GS Mini®.


Taylor’s flagship line of steel-string acoustic guitars.


Unparalleled playability, rich, full tone, and comfortable necks define Taylor’s signature 12-strings.


By joining the neck to the body at the 12th fret and realigning the position of the bridge, our 12-Frets have a “modern vintage” sound unlike any other Taylor.


Deep baritone voicing produces an expanded tonal palette, offered in 6- or 8-string models.


Meet the modern nylon-string guitar, a blend of contemporary Taylor styling, classical tone and signature Taylor playability.

Travel/Small Body

Taylor’s small-body guitars sport big tone and a real guitar playing experience.


Problem-solving design fueled the creation of our small-scale acoustic GS Mini Bass.