Taylor baritone guitars are designed for playing in a lower register with normal string tension, thanks to a longer 27-inch scale length. Tuned to B (B E A D F# B), the deeper acoustic tone is voiced with the GS body shape and a wood combination of either Indian rosewood or mahogany with Sitka spruce. It's a great choice for singers with a lower vocal range or players who favor a detuned sound. The baritone is offered as either a 6-string or an 8-string, which features two added octave strings that add extra shimmer to the voice without too much 12-string jangle. You can expect incredible tonal range, rich melodies, and a great guitar for walking basslines.

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Deep baritone voicing produces an expanded tonal palette, offered in 6- or 8-string models. 

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Baritone Series

  • Rosewood or mahogany back/sides
  • Available 6- or 8-string
  • Tuned B to B
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