Jumbo (JM)

Body Width: 17" / Body Depth: 4 5/8" / Body Length: 21"

Our biggest body shape packs a 12-string punch.

Although you’ll see less Jumbos in the 2012 Taylor Lineup as it undergoes a design makeover, it remains Taylor’s largest shape, and conjures a big, full sound without being bottom heavy.

While the Jumbo’s voluptuous curves present a lot of soundboard real estate, the contoured waist helps tighten the midrange, controlling the overtones. This comes in handy with our 12-strings, with which the Jumbo shape is most closely associated. The full bass tones counterbalance the doubled treble strings, producing a rich, lush tone with lots of signature Taylor clarity and balance. Coupled with Taylor’s thin-profile necks, low action, and accurate intonation, you won’t have to work hard or retune a lot to get a great 12-string sound.

This shape has been discontinued.


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