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This big, curvy body produces a deep, powerful voice.


Body Length: 21” / Body Width: 17” / Body Depth: 4 5/8”

• One of the first body styles ever offered by Taylor
• A deep, powerful voice that the player can feel as much as hear
• Works well in the hands of strong players with a hard, percussive style

An inherited body style that evolved in Bob Taylor’s hands, our Jumbo was replaced by our Grand Orchestra in 2013, but lives on as a “legacy” shape exclusively through our Custom program. The Jumbo’s voluptuous curves present a lot of soundboard real estate, helping it project a big, full voice with the kind of resonance that only a big sound chamber can deliver.

Despite the big upper and lower bouts, the body’s contoured waist helps tighten the midrange, controlling the overtones and keeping the voice from being too bottom-heavy. This comes in handy with our 12-strings, with which the Jumbo shape was most closely associated. The full bass tones counterbalance the doubled treble strings, producing a rich sound with signature Taylor clarity and balance. While the Jumbo is most impressive when played in an aggressive, rhythmic style, you won’t have to work hard to get a great response, especially with the help of our ultra-playable necks.