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Designed entirely from scratch, our all-aluminum bridge looks great, feels even better, and it’s ultra-adjustable. The design solves the intonation drift and ergonomic problems that often plague other electric bridges. The bridge height can be adjusted both front-to-back and side-to-side. Each of the strings sits in its own saddle, and once the intonation is set, the saddles are locked in place with screws located discretely under the bridge (accessible from the back). Once everything is locked down, you can take the strings off without the saddles moving, maintaining precise intonation. We also tweaked the perfect break angle for the strings, so that no matter where each individual saddle is positioned, it maintains the perfect amount of downward pressure and string length for easy playing and great tone. And we specially contoured the bridge to give it a curvy, ultra-smooth feel; your picking hand will be happy to camp out there.

You can choose from the stoptail version of the bridge, or if you want a whammy bar, our tremolo bridge. The tremolo version features our refined knife-edge, fulcrum design, which has a balanced, natural feel and allows the tremolo to re-center better.

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