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Taylor’s breakthrough pickup design brought the SolidBody to life. Our design team captured all the familiar “goodness” of the iconic electric pickups that players have loved for years, but also solved some of their inherent problems. In the process, we also added unique Taylor “flavors” and enhanced the SolidBody's tone-shaping capability.

SolidBody pickup choices include:

  • Mini Humbuckers (High Definition or High Gain)
  • Full-size Humbuckers (High Definition or High Gain)
  • Vintage Alnico Humbuckers
  • Silent Single Coils

Pickup Configurations

Among the SolidBody’s flexible ordering options is the ability to choose from over a dozen different pickup combinations, enabling you to customize the fundamental tonal palette of your SolidBody. Because we designed the guitar and the pickups, the Taylor build team was able to create pickup assemblies that can be easily swapped for other Taylor pickup configurations, offered aftermarket. The solderless design allows you to do it yourself in minutes, which means you can completely change the tonal personality of your SolidBody any time you like. You can go from Single Coils to High Gain Humbuckers — it’s like getting a whole new SolidBody without having to buy a whole new guitar. For a full list of pickup configurations, check out the Loaded Pickguards page or the SolidBody Configurator.

Pickup Personalities

Much of the distinctive tonal character of an electric guitar comes from the types of pickups used. The following pickups are available in different configurations on the SolidBody.


Uses two coils to generate sound. Humbuckers are known for having a high output and for their ability to produce sound without the noise that is inherent with a traditional single coil pickup. Players such as Jimmy Page, Dickie Betts and Carlos Santana have defined their signature tones with humbucker-equipped guitars. Our humbucker was designed to balance the sweetness and definition of a vintage pickup sound with the power to fully drive an amp without overpounding it. It unleashes raw rock power and great sustain without sacrificing balance or great tone.

Mini Humbucker

Also uses two coils and has all the advantages of a full-size humbucker, but because of its smaller size, it provides a tone that takes up less sonic space, which is great for cutting through a mix.

High Gain / High Definition

Our full-size and mini humbuckers are available in two different versions. The High Definition (HD) is our original high fidelity design, while the High Gain (HG) is slightly darker-sounding and unleashes more front-end drive for a crunchier tone with extra rawness.

Vintage Alnico Humbucker

A full-size, covered humbucker with a big sound. The Alnico 5 magnets we use are known for their hot output and round sound. Our VA pays homage to the tradition of classic humbuckers, yet with a more modern sonic flavor. Taylor’s David Hosler explains: “I’ve always liked that big, woolly tone that comes with PAF humbuckers. Our goal was to create a pickup with a little more drive on the front end of the amp.”

Single Coil

Uses only one coil by design. When played through a clean channel on an amp, single coils can sound shimmery, glassy and bright. They take on a different personality when played through the crunch or high gain channel of an amp. Players who have popularized the single coil sound include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. Our breakthrough silent single coil responds with all the breathiness, sparkle and other distinctive character of the single coil sound, but without any of the traditional buzz, hum or other sonic artifacts. 


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