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We wrote the book on straight, easy-playing necks. Our innovative T-Lock® neck joint brings Taylor's trademark consistency and comfort into the solid body player's hands.

Taylor's golden heritage of easy-playing, superbly intonated necks continues with the single-bolt T-Lock joint first used on the T5. Like the NT neck, a precisely milled pocket spacer is used to dial-in the perfect neck angle. As the neck is bolted in place, it pulls both down and back toward the bridge for perfect alignment and stability. It’s simple to put on or take off to switch out spacers for angle adjustment. The contouring makes the neck feel and look great, especially up by the body. There’s no heel, and the asymmetrical curve where it meets the body creates a smooth aesthetic line that flows into the cutaway. You never hear about people having to play a bunch of Taylor acoustics to find a good neck. They¹re all spot on. Same deal here. 



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