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In addition to the 5-way switch, two active preamp/EQ tone controls and a volume control — incorporating the same soft-touch rollers as those used on the Expression System — allow for a wide range of additional tone-shaping within each switch position. Located on the soundboard near the upper left shoulder of the guitar are the Volume (set apart from the other two controls), Bass (the middle control), and Treble (closest to the fretboard).

Like the Expression System, all three controls have a center detent, which can be felt as a slight “bump” when you roll the control to the center position. For Bass and Treble, the center detent indicates the “off” or “flat” mode. The center point of the Volume knob indicates half of the highest volume output.

Also, keep in mind that despite the lack of a Midrange control knob, you can still easily boost or cut the mids by rolling the Treble and Bass controls past the center detent in either direction, then adjusting the volume. Turning both the Bass and Treble controls up effectively dips the mids, while turning them below the center detent boosts the mids. 

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