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Spring 2012 Limited Editions

On the heels of refreshing the 2012 line, Bob Taylor and his design crew keep the creative juices flowing with an inspired batch of Spring Limited Editions.

Cocobolo 800 Series

Models: 814ce-LTD816ce-LTD

Few woods can match cocobolo’s assertive visual beauty, expressed through bold, fiery hues and dramatic variegation. Some of the sets selected for these Spring Limiteds pack an even more dramatic punch with a swath of contrasting blond sapwood. Tonally, cocobolo is known for its volume and a deep low end that’s balanced by an overall brightness, making it a favorite among players. Normally used for our Presentation Series and Build to Order guitars, here it guest stars with our premium 800 Series appointments, featuring curly maple binding and our popular pearl inlay design.

Hawaiian Koa 300 Series

Models: 310ce-LTD312ce-LTD312ce-N-LTD314ce-LTD314ce-N-LTD316ce-LTD

Hawaiian koa occupies rare air among tonewoods, and for good reason: Its tone is crisp and complex, its figure can be variegated and striking, and it is among the more difficult woods to procure. Though it’s normally reserved for the upper end of the Taylor line, our years of buying whole koa logs can sometimes yield sets of wood that have all the tonal character and charm of premium koa but aren’t quite as figured as the most prized sets reserved for the Koa Series. That’s where our 300 Series Koa Limiteds come in, offering a special treat and a great value.

GS Mini Limiteds

Models: GS Mini BlackwoodGS Mini RosewoodGS Mini Maple

The raves keep rolling in for the mighty GS Mini as it continues to redefine what a small-bodied guitar can be. A big sound, a real Taylor playing experience, and a do-it-yourself add-on pickup option already make it hard to resist, but we thought we’d up the ante with some beautiful wood veneer options, too. Choose from gorgeous maple, figured blackwood and rosewood laminate for the Mini’s backs and sides, all with a solid spruce top.


416ce-LTD Baritone

Models: 416ce-LTD

We’re excited to bring the Taylor Baritone-6 to the 400 Series in this one-of-a-kind Spring Limited, taking advantage of ovangkol’s full midrange and bright top end. Though slightly less dense than most rosewoods, ovangkol shares much of rosewood’s clarity and fidelity. This pairs well with our baritone design, producing a deep, rich voice with rosewood-like richness and clear note definition. The baritone’s lower B tuning, coupled with a 27-inch scale length, make it possible to generate tonal depth with normal string tension, giving players a familiar playing experience. It’s a great choice if you have a lower vocal range or favor a de-tuned guitar sound.