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New Taylor Models

The Academy Series, GS Mini Bass, 800 DLX & more

352ce & 362ce

Our award-winning small-body 12-strings bring a new level of playing comfort to the 12-string experience. Two new 12-fret/12-string Grand Concert models join our 300 Series.

The Academy Series

Designed to make a full-featured Taylor playing experience more accessible than ever, these guitars distill all the essential elements of a great guitar into a more affordable option.

GS Mini Bass

Groundbreaking new string and bridge pin designs helped spawn our one-of-a-kind small-scale acoustic bass. The portable size and slinky feel add up to easy-playing four-string fun for everyone.

The 700 Series

A tonal and aesthetic makeover gives these rosewood guitars a personality all their own. Lutz spruce tops and new internal architecture project a bold and dynamic voice, while wood-centric details showcase a rootsy yet refined look.

Rosewood 400s

Indian rosewood models join their ovangkol counterparts within the 400 Series, making a solid rosewood guitar more accessible than ever within the Taylor line.

214ce-QM DLX

Gorgeous quilted maple is the star of this special edition 200 Deluxe Series model. The layered-wood back/side construction features outer and inner layers of stunning maple veneer topped with solid Sitka spruce.

800 Deluxe Series

You’d think we’d be perfectly content with all the envelope-pushing, tone-enhancing features we brought to our flagship 800 Series. Not so. Our ultra-premium class of 800s lifts the playing experience to new heights.


Taylor’s easy-playing 12-strings helped put the company on the map. This year we broaden their appeal with comfortably compact Grand Concert 12-Fret options, big-voiced Grand Orchestra models, and more.


Our revival of the 12-fret guitar has wowed players with the slinky feel and surprisingly powerful response of these distinctive designs. We've expanded our model offerings to include a pair of amazing 12-string/12-fret models in our 500 Series, plus new 300 Series 12-frets.

The 500 Series

Our redesigned mahogany 500 Series boasts refinements that include new bracing to produce stronger, richer tone; new 12-string/12-fret models; punchy, easy-feeling Dreadnoughts; and subtle aesthetic upgrades.

Blackwood 300s

We’ve long admired blackwood's robust voice. After several limited edition runs, we’re thrilled to make it part of a two-pronged tonewood tandem within our 300 Series: blackwood paired with mahogany tops, or sapele with Sitka spruce.


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Featured New Models

Academy 10e


GS Mini-e Bass


814ce DLX