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What Goes Into a Taylor Guitar

Our commitment to a great playing experience covers every detail of a guitar, giving you easy-playing necks, inspiring tones, and impeccable appointments.


Each Taylor body shape yields a distinctive tonal personality.


Each acoustic series boasts a unique package of visual details that enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Body Woods

The world’s finest tonewoods give you a rich palette of tonal flavors.

Top Woods

The type of wood used for a guitar’s soundboard has a major impact on its tonal properties.


Our inspired proprietary pickups faithfully reproduce the natural nuances of a Taylor guitar’s voice.


Guitars with a unique musical personality, including 12-string, 12-fret, nylon, baritone and travel.


Taylor’s eco-friendly, UV-curable finishes protect your guitar and keep it looking and sounding great.


Bracing patterns, such as our new V-Class design, bring out each guitar’s unique voice.


Our patented neck design ensures superb intonation, playability, and lasting stability.


Our elegant cutaways add to a guitar’s shapeliness and broaden your playing range.


An armrest softens the edge of a guitar body to create a more comfortable playing experience.