Sean Rowe - The Coat (SongCraft Presents with Acoustic Café)

Sean Rowe "The Coat" at SongCraft with Acoustic Cafe 2013

Taylor Sessions

You can purchase "The Coat" from the iTunes Music Store here:

Acoustic Cafe's Rob Reinhart invited five artists to write and record songs with songwriter Ben Arthur and SongCraft Presents at SXSW 2013. Each session was only three hours (additional instrumentation and mixing/mastering happened back in NYC).

ANTI-recording artist Sean Rowe was the first session. The song he wrote with Ben Arthur--which he titled "The Coat"--was something he'd had been trying to finish for seven years.

"In the world of singer/songwriter baritone voices, such classic rumbling vocalists as Leonard Cohen, Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave and even Tom Waits, sound like Minnie Mouse next to Sean Rowe." - American Songwriter