SD International Airport Honors Taylor Guitars

Monday March 10, 2008
By: Taylor Guitars News

On Friday, February 29, 2008, San Diego International Airport held a press conference and reception featuring Taylor Guitars co-founder and president, Bob Taylor. As part of the Airport Art Cultural Exhibits Program, Taylor Guitars was invited to curate an exhibit for the Commuter Terminal in November, and the press conference centered on the Taylor exhibit.

Before an audience comprised of music fans, guitar players, local media and airport officials, Bob reflected on his more than 35 years of guitar building in the San Diego area with a humbleness and sense of humor that stands in contrast with his record of accomplishment. Working since 1974 with his partner, co-founder and CEO Kurt Listug, Bob has grown his company from a three-man shop to the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end acoustic, acoustic/electric and electric guitars played by artists such as Prince, Dave Matthews and Taylor Swift. He is respected worldwide as an industry leader, responsible for many innovations that have enhanced the art of building guitars forever.

After his speech, Bob chatted amiably with the public and signed Taylor T-shirts for some of the younger members of the crowd.

VP of Marketing Brian Swerdfeger and Product Development Director David Hosler then demoed the groundbreaking electric/acoustic hybrid T5-12 string and Taylor’s new SolidBody electric guitar. For some in the audience, it was their first introduction to Taylor’s electric guitars, and both men answered numerous questions from excited guests.

The Taylor Guitars Airport exhibit will run through the beginning of April, 2008. The exhibit presents an informative display of the company’s past and present, with four glass cases, each wrapped with specially-created posterized graphics and showcasing several beautiful Taylor guitars and other Taylor items. Descriptive passages in each case support various aspects of the company’s history and identity: “Taylor’s Heritage of Innovation,” “Artists Who Play,” “Taylor in the Schools,” and “The Body Electric.

To see the Taylor Guitars Airport exhibit, visit the San Diego International Airport Commuter Terminal, 3225 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101.