Demand and You Shall Recieve a Road Show

Tuesday August 26, 2008
By: Taylor Guitars News

You demanded it and now we’re bringing the Taylor Guitars Road Show to your hometown!

People all over the country have been demanding a Road Show in their city for the past few months, but after only a couple of weeks, the Chicago metro area surged ahead as the leader of the pack. When the city reached 50 demands, it became pretty obvious to us that there would be a great turnout if we scheduled a show in that area. Since booking the show, demands have continued to climb to 74 – that’s almost triple the number of demands that the second place city has!

The lucky store that the Road Show will be passing through is Tobias Music in Downers Grove, Illinois. Due to the high amount of demands, the owners of the shop have rented an offsite venue to accommodate all of the people they are expecting! It will be held at Lincoln Center on September 10, 2008. We will have an all-star Taylor crew out there for the show as well: Regional Sales Manager Rick Fagan and Product Specialist Bobby Coverston.

If you’re not from the Chicago area, don’t despair. Keep demanding the Taylor Guitars Road Show for your city and who knows – your town could be the next stop on the Road Show tour!

September 10, 2008, 7:00 p.m.
Lincoln Center
935 Maple Ave.
Downer’s Grove, IL 60515

For more information, call Tobias Music at (630) 960-2455.