SolidBody Shine

Friday September 26, 2008
By: Taylor Guitars News

Platinum-selling hard rockers Shinedown cranked up the riffs at their House of Blues show in San Diego in September.  One of the band’s two guitarists, Zach Myers, has been touring with a SolidBody Standard electric guitar equipped with our new HG (high gain) pickups, which he says he loves. Zach played the SolidBody on several tunes during the HOB show, and the pickups sounded ferociously tasty, adding to the band’s arena-ready, distortion-fueled tunes.

“The guitar works great,” Zach said from the road before a recent show. “The tone really sticks out among everything else I play. The high gain pickups definitely help with that. They have an output level that can cut through anything else in the PA and in my rig. I love them. They sound great.”

The HG pickups are likely to appeal to other rock acts looking for a darker, edgier sound with more front-end drive. Zach also recently picked up a SolidBody Classic with the HG pickups and another Classic, an SC with single coil pickups, and said he was looking forward to exploring their tonal flavors, as well.

“Devour,” the first single from Shinedown’s chart-riding new record, The Sound of Madness, is the official theme song for the pro wrestling’s WWE “Night of Champions” for 2008, and the song “Second Chance” has been used in the promo for TV’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In late September, the band was on the tail end of a tour with Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold, before heading to Europe in October for a string of shows with Disturbed.

check out a live performance of the band in our video section