Factory Service Packages to Fine-Tune Your Taylor

Friday October 10, 2008
By: Taylor Guitars News

In response to requests from Taylor owners, our Customer Service department has developed four factory service packages, each designed to return a Taylor to peak form. Whether your guitar is showing the effects of severe dryness or a steady stream of gigs has thrown your guitar out of whack, our skilled repair technicians have you covered.  You can send your guitar(s) to the Taylor factory specifically for one of these packages, or add a service package to a guitar that’s sent in for other reasons, such as warranty service, ding repair, etc. We’re currently quoting a two-week turnaround time on all packages.

We’re also offering Expression System® pickup installation and upgrade packages so you can optimize your amplified tone. Guitars shipped to us will be returned in a brand new shipping carton with Taylor-engineered inserts designed to stabilize the case and cushion the ends. For the complete rundown on our service packages, click here. For additional information on package details, or to arrange to send your guitar in, contact our friendly Customer Service folks at (800) 943-6782

For a full overview of the Service Packages available you can download this View PDF.