T3/B=The Perfect Package

Tuesday March 17, 2009
By: Taylor Guitars News

Our new T3/B is not only gracing the cover of the April issue of Premier Guitar, it earned PG’s highest rating (5.0) and a Premier Gear Award.

“The T3/B is not a ‘jack of all trades, master of none,’ but rather a well-thought-out instrument that plays great, sounds fantastic and looks incredible,” reviewer Steve Ouimette declares early on. He loved the “comfortable and fast-playing” neck, which he says “combined the best of all neck shapes into one, and lent itself to just about any style of playing.”

Ouimette appreciated how the fine design touches contributed to the playing experience: “…even the detail of the volume and tone knobs is brilliant…they feel better than any guitar I’ve played in my life. The taper of both knobs is smooth and controlled, and they exhibit a weight to them that feels fantastic and deliberate when rolling them up or down.”

Moving on to the pickups and tonal flavors, Ouimette liked the “clean and articulate” sound of the Style 2 HD humbuckers. “They’re incredibly versatile and worked well through every amp I played them on.” Then he discovered the “tonal magic” in the coil-splitting function. Pulling up the volume knob, he writes, “allowed me to dial in just the right amount of heft or leanness, depending on my needs.” He also loved how many different tonal flavors the tone control was capable of tapping. “This is one of those rare guitars that doesn’t necessarily have a stock setting to it, he says. “I ended up using every combination of pickup, coil tap and tone variation. It was amazing to hear one guitar shine in so many different ways.”

Ouimette calls the Bigsby setup (with the roller bridge) “by far the best of its kind that I’ve used.” He says he had no tuning problems whatsoever, and “the travel of the vibrato is ultra-smooth and controlled.”

“Taylor seems to have pulled out all the stops on the T3/B, since it effortlessly excels in musical styles ranging from rock to blues to jazz, and yet never feels out of place,” Ouimette says in his wrap. “Somehow Taylor has figured out a way to incorporate style, class and functionality into the perfect package.” You can read the full review at premierguitar.com.