T3/B Lands on the Cover of Guitarist UK

Thursday April 16, 2009
By: Taylor Guitars News

The T3 and T3/B continues to draw the attention and accolades of the media. In fact, it landed its first international cover as the feature review in the May 2009 issue of the UK’s Guitarist magazine. The six-page feature spread, written by Dave Burrluck, offers a detailed tour of the guitar’s ins and outs, from its design and construction to its performance versatility. Burrluck has plenty of good things to say along the way.

“Both T3s deliver exactly what you’d expect from a large semi,” he writes. “Yet the T3 has its own character…. The tone control is a revelation, especially in its down position where, in mid-travel, it rounds the highs subtly but almost changes the character to an older Gretsch, Rickenbacher or even Tele-like style. In the upper position you can easily evoke older-style jazz sounds and, to be honest, whenever we came back to the guitar and/or changed amps and tones we heard new things.

“Above all,” Burrluck concludes, “it’s another bold move for a brand that has its eye on the electric market and is a guitar we’d suggest you audition as soon as you can.”
You can view the review and video demo by Guitarist Editor, Mick Taylor @ www.musicradar.com