Guitar Player Magazine Calls T3/B “Perfect”

Friday April 24, 2009
By: Taylor Guitars News

In the June edition of Guitar Player magazine, reviewer Barry Cleveland lavished praises on the T3/B, extending from the guitar’s “deeply quilted maple top and the gorgeous honey hues” to its “chameleon-like pickups and switching system.” He delves deep into the pickup switching, calling the T3/B’s humbuckers “full and rich, with lots of clarity and definition. The bridge pickup had a just enough brightness and edge to cut cleanly without harshness, the neck pickup provided tight, woody mids and robust lows, and when combined they produced a well-balanced sound that would be equally at home in rock, R&B, and jazz settings.”

On the guitar’s coil-splitting capability, Cleveland notes, “Switching to split-coil mode changed the guitar’s character completely, dishing up a wonderful range of delectable tones, not surprisingly more reminiscent of a semi-hollow Rickenbacker than a solidbody Fender. With the Tone control fully clockwise, the bridge pickup produced gloriously sparkling sounds with just a touch of compression, the neck pickup yielded Gretsch-like clang, and together they produced a very satisfying combination of those two tones.”

Completely satisfied with its performance, Cleveland ends his review calling the T3/B “about as perfect as a guitar can be.” The review scored the T3/B Guitar Player’s coveted Editors’ Pick Award.

You can check out the complete review in the June edition of Guitar Player magazine.

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