814ce: A Perfect Combination

Wednesday June 17, 2009
By: Taylor Guitars News

In the July edition of Premier Guitar magazine, Editor Chris Burgess shares his appreciation for the 814ce, noting that the “design and construction balances past and present, with a combination of new technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship.”

While impressed with the visual aesthetics of the Indian rosewood/Sitka spruce pairing, Burgess found even more to admire once he began playing. “If the selection of wood achieves a great look, it also gives the guitar a perfectly even and wonderfully full voice,” he writes. “Right from the first strum, it captured me with its balance. The lows display a striking depth and clarity; the attack is clear, full and deep with no boominess or muddiness. The midrange is warm and round with no discernable scoop. The bright, crisp highs ring out without dominating. The overall effect is a full-bodied, resonant sustain with a clear, vibrant ‘zing’ across its tonal range.”

You can check out Burgess’ complete review of the 814ce, a guitar he calls “all around great”, by visiting Premier Guitar magazine.

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