Taylor Rocks Chicago with A Record Road Show

Friday September 25, 2009
By: Taylor Guitars News

The ever-popular Taylor Guitars Road Show continues to draw record crowds and generate excitement for axe lovers throughout North America and Europe. On September 22, more than 500 Taylor players and enthusiasts attended a Road Show event in Downers Grove, Illinois, held at the majestic Tivoli Theater in conjunction with Taylor dealer Tobias Music. Attendees filled the seats and lined the walls to soak up the all-out visual and musical Taylor experience.

“Between the beautiful location and the massive crowd, the energy was contagious,” shared Andy Lund, Taylor’s product communications manager. “We were expecting a couple hundred people but were happily overwhelmed with the size of the crowd. People stayed the whole night and hopefully left having learned a thing or two. We were inspired by the enthusiasm and passion the crowd has for Taylor guitars.”

Grammy® award-winning Taylor clinician Wayne Johnson dazzled the audience as he took the crowd on a four-song musical journey that had people on their feet and grooving along. The Taylor Petting Zoo, a fan-favorite, gave the crowd the opportunity to pick up and play the Taylor model of their choice based on a wide selection of acoustic models, including an assortment of custom Build to Order models, and electric guitars, featuring the much raved about semi-hollowbody T3 and T3/B, the SolidBody, and the T5.

Now in its third year, the Taylor Guitars Road Show is a guitar lover’s dream: a fun, lively gathering that brings enthusiasts together with Taylor clinicians and experts straight from the company’s factory in El Cajon, California. At each Road Show event, the Taylor team shares insights on the company’s guitar making process, including an informative demonstration of how different body shapes and woods affect tone. After the presentation, the fun Petting Zoo gives attendees the ultimate hands-on Taylor experience, followed by a question-and-answer session with the staff from the Taylor factory. Attendees have the opportunity to purchase any of the Taylor models at the event, including rare, custom and one-off models. Admission to each Road Show is free.

To view upcoming Road Show dates, please visit http://www.taylorguitars.com/roadshow/

*Photo courtesy of John Dzieken