Guitar Meets World

Tuesday March 2, 2010
By: Taylor Guitars News

Singer-songwriter Cindy Santini is taking a pair of Taylor Big Baby acoustics to the streets, or better yet, to the sunny beaches of the land Down Under. Cindy and the Be Love Bus girls are cruising up the east coast of Australia in a camper bus on a mission to spread love, health, awareness and their fun-loving spirit through music, yoga, surfing, art and laughter.

Follow Cindy and her friends, pro surfers Rochelle Ballard and Leah Dawson, on encounters like “Guitar Meets Boobies,” where the Big Baby learns about breast cancer awareness from friends at the Keep-A-Breast Foundation. Or “Guitar Meets Upward Dog,” where the six-string is introduced to yoga, beach-style, with Yogi Rochelle Ballard. Or “Guitar Meets Soul Surfer,” where, well, you get the picture. At the end of the tour, the Big Baby Taylors will be raffled off to help promote breast cancer awareness.

Check out Episode 1. Their first few days on the tour.