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Rhythm Changes (Evolution)

Julia Sinclair - How to Play "Lies"

Julia Sinclair stopped by Beta Records for a Taylor Session. In this video, Julia goes through the chords, patterns and techniques she used to write her song, "Lies."

Julia's EP is available for purchase at:

The Constant Strumming Technique with Nate Savage

Latin Guitar Grooves

Wayne Johnson, a Grammy-winning guitarist and Taylor Guitars product specialist, explains how to weave independent thumb and finger picking patterns together to create Latin-flavored rhythms with percussive effects. This video accompanies Wayne’s written lesson from the spring 2012 issue (Vol. 71) of Taylor’s quarterly publication, Wood&Steel and can also be found in the Lessons and Tips section of the site. 

Developing Your Guitar Strumming Timing

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest strummer to make great sounding music. In fact, if you can play a simple strumming pattern solid and in time it will make you sound like a real pro. In this lesson on strumming we are going to take a look at a simple exercise that will help you develop your overall sense of timing.

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