Julia Sinclair - How to Play "Lies"

Taylor Sessions

Julia Sinclair stopped by Beta Records for a Taylor Session. In this video, Julia goes through the chords, patterns and techniques she used to write her song, "Lies." 


Julia's EP is available for purchase at: 

Latin Guitar Grooves

Lessons & Tips

Wayne Johnson, a Grammy-winning guitarist and Taylor Guitars product specialist, explains how to weave independent thumb and finger picking patterns together to create Latin-flavored rhythms with percussive effects. This video accompanies Wayne’s written lesson from the spring 2012 issue (Vol. 71) of Taylor’s quarterly publication, Wood&Steel and can also be found in the Lessons and Tips section of the site. 

Developing Your Guitar Strumming Timing

Lessons & Tips

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest strummer to make great sounding music. In fact, if you can play a simple strumming pattern solid and in time it will make you sound like a real pro. In this lesson on strumming we are going to take a look at a simple exercise that will help you develop your overall sense of timing.

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