Developed with the William Henry Studio, this beautiful, limited edition offering of Taylor money clips features two distinctive motifs: one with a built-in pick holder, the other with a teardrop-shaped tonewood embellishment. The money clips feature a choice of two different materials: either aerospace-grade titanium, noted for its strength and durability, or “raindrop”-patterned mokume gane (Japanese translation: “wood eye metal”), a metal alloy of copper, brass and nickel silver that boasts an exotic wood grain appearance. The pick holder money clip offers convenient pocket storage for guitar picks, with easy, slide-out access. The holder can accommodate up to two heavy picks or three medium/thin picks, with the money clip located on the opposite side. For players who prefer a tonewood-adorned money clip in lieu of the pick holder, three premium tonewood options are available — Indian rosewood, Hawaiian koa, or cocobolo*. Receive 6 assorted gauge and color picks with each pick holder purchase. Model# 7110

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