Taylor acoustic/electric and electric guitars with magnetic pickup systems (ES1, T3, T5, T5z) are equipped with a fused string ground, which protects players from being shocked in environments with improper electrical ground. Our Acoustic fused string ground was designed to be retro-fitted into our 6 string acoustic guitars with a conductive ground plate that installs on the bridge plate to make contact with the guitar strings. Installing the fused string ground in the guitar will keep the guitar quiet in ungrounded situations. The fuse keeps the player from being part of the circuit path when their hands are on the strings. In the event of improper ground, the string ground’s fuse fries instead of you. (Note: If the fuse blows, the guitar’s electronics will continue to work, but the strings will no longer be grounded, and the guitar could be more susceptible to electrical hum.) If the fuse blows, a replacement should be installed. Professional installation is required. Model# 84907. Additional fuses are available through TaylorWare.