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Hi, I’m Joe Ravita from Empire Music and

I’m here to talk to you about one of Taylor’s newest and coolest limited edition guitars, the Taylor 410e Baritone. Baritone guitars are tuned from a low B to a high B, so the tune is a little bit different but all of your chord shapes and standard playing techniques will work. This is a much fuller, bass-ier sound, you can hear right out - the bass is really robust on these.

You get a 27-inch scale to make that design work. The strings still feel good, they are easy to play - a little bit heavier gauge but it doesn’t feel like they are tough to push down. The action is amazing on these. Taylor has made Baritone guitars for a good while now and they are the most popular in the market because the bracing structure that they design, the balance of the guitar, it just really works, so the guitar is not too throaty and muddy so when we strum

[strums guitar]

Big chords

[strums guitar]

They stay nice and tight and focused so you could really use this guitar live, on a recording studio because it’s going to sound good, it’s not going to get all murky on you. It has been designed in the Dreadnought body style which is really cool so you get extra mids. The guitar is not going to be, again to bass-y or too trebly, doesn’t have that real hot snap at the top

[strums guitar]

Treble is responsive but not overpowering. The mids are really, really there and present which is great and obviously the bottom end is awesome and just really, really big and full and tight.

So, Sitka Spruce top on this guitar which is traditional for Taylor. They use a lot of Sitka spruce, it’s great for all styles of music, fits the bill here for sure and also has a Stained back, Ovangkol back and sides. Ovangkol has been traditional to the 400 Series for a long time and it has got kind of a Rosewood vibe but it’s going to be more balanced. Ovangkol is going to give you some of that extra bass and extra treble that Rosewood would but the mids are going to be more present which is why it’s going to be great for Baritone guitar because we’re already getting a lot of bass. We don’t want that overpowering bottom-end to just take over the entire tone of the guitar.

Standard with all Taylor guitars, including this one, is the ebony fretboard and bridge, so great feeling, great response, tons of volume without a lot of effort which is traditionally the case with Taylor guitars. You don’t have to play them hard to get great response and great tone.

And then you get the Taylor ES2 electronics package. So, again the standard - industry standard and really the most popular choice for touring musicians, great way to sound natural when you’re live or in the studio, so you won’t be disappointed when you plug in.

I think the thing who knows the most about this guitar is even if you move up the neck, it keeps that fullness which is really

[strumming guitar]


[strums guitar]

It stays so big

[strums guitar]

As you move to the treble strings higher up the fretboard you’re going to stay that full, full tone. So, if you’re looking for a new color of sound, you’ve got tons of six-strings or you’ve kind of maxed out the tones, you’re looking for something new, you’d like to sing over a bass-ier guitar which is really, really cool, tons of singer-songwriter use these guitars because it gives you a fuller tone and it’s a different sound than what’s going to be in your collection which is amazing.

So, this is the Taylor 410e Baritone, it’s a limited edition, Tobacco Sunburst finish.

If you want to know more information about this guitar, you can go right below in the information and click on the link and I’ll give you the full specs about this specific guitar and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see the rest of our videos as we release them.

Thanks a lot.

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