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[acoustic guitar playing] 0:00-0:36

Hi, this is Todd with Empire Music and Right now I am playing a really cool guitar. This is a Taylor 914ce Limited Edition Blackheart Sassafras back and sides with Sitka Spruce top.

[long silence showing guitar front] 0:53-0:59

So like the standard 914ce this has similar features meaning the ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge, the gotoh tuners, the armrest, the ebony wedge, the abalone inlay all the way around, but of course, what is different is the Blackheart Sassafras back and sides and as you can see just really cool grain, excellent matching, the sides just as cool, Premium Sitka Spruce top and of course, the advanced performance bracing inside with ES2 electronics.

[long silence showing guitar body] 1:39-1:45

Once again, this is the Taylor 914ce Limited Edition Blackheart Sassafras back and sides. If you want to see or read the full spec sheet of this guitar, be sure to check out our website at and also be sure to click on our YouTube page.

Thanks for listening.

[speaker strums guitar]

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