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Hi, I'm Don Card. This is the tailor Grand Theater. The Grand Theater is a unique instrument. Terms of size, feel and sound. The body dimensions and scale length are between Taylor's GS many and grand concert. Internally, Taylor's C class bracing system accentuates volume and low end to give a fuller sound from smaller dimensions. It's a guitar that has a compact feel and a full size sound. The grand theaters made in Taylor's California factory from all solid woods. The top is spruce the back inside their urban ash. Interesting story about urban ash is from ash trees scheduled for removal, that air located in municipal areas in Southern California. It just so happens that totally it functions very much like Honduran mahogany. So it sounds great, responsibly sourced and looks good. To the neck is mahogany, the fingerboard bridge and head stock overlay air eucalyptus. The scale length is 24 1/8. So again, right in between the G s mini and grand concert Now, to me, it feels compact but not foreign. I don't feel cramped or like I'm over shooting, and it's very comfortable to play. The GT has Taylor's C class bracing which is named for the cantilevered asymmetrical design it borrows from V class. So you get good volume, sustain and intonation, and the C Class part accentuates low end. To get a bigger sound from a smaller body, the electron ICS air Taylor's expression system to with three controls volume, treble and bass. I recorded the next piece of music using the expression system only so you can get an idea of what it sounds like while it's playing. Let's check out Sweetwater 55 point guitar inspection that this and all other guitars over $299 go through before they're shipped. The company. Yeah, E O. E mm, Thanks for checking out the tailor Grand Theater with me. If you have any questions about this or any other Taylor product, please contact your Sweetwater sales engineer or check us out online at sweetwater dot com. Thanks for watching. Don't forget the light Comment and subscribe. Click here for more videos like this or started sweetwater dot com for all your music instrument in pro audio needs

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