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I am Jovita from Empire Music empire music dot com in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And we are Taylor Guitars online preferred dealer. One of only a handful in North America, and I'm excited to present to you a new model for Taylor Guitars. The New Grand Theatre K 21 e If you'd like to see this guitar, go right to empire music dot com. See all the photos that exact one and all the other Taylor guitars we have. You can always call us 4123435 to 99 You can text me 412915718 will get you hooked up with a great deal. All of our guitars include factory setups that are full factory set up, so make sure you pick them up here. Or, if we're delivering to you, it's gonna be ready to play when you receive them. Now let's get down to business. What is the Taylor Grant either? K 21 E. Taylor introduced the Grand Theatre models uh, middle of 2020 and it is essentially a small version of their grand orchestra guitar. It's the same footprint, the grand orchestras, Taylor's largest instrument. They wanted to bring the body and kind of shrink it. It offers amazing playability and a really robust tone for its size. Now I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about who might want to consider. This is a guitar for them and who might not want to consider this for themselves. Um, the Grand Theatre lineup has three models, has the urban Ash the 8 11 and now the top of the line, the K 21 which is all solid KOA model. So we talked about this one specifically. But what holds true on all Grand Theatre models? It's kind of the structure they have what's called C Class bracing in here, which Andy Powers invented to, um, cantilever bracing that allows it gets hard to open, be full sounding really responsive, and you have to play it super hard. So it's unique to the Grand theatre design. Then, structurally, are scaling is a little different. This is a 24 and 1/8 inch scale length, so that falls smaller than a grand concert. Taylor. If you think about a grand concert Taylor, it's a 24 and an eighth inch scale, or GS mini, which is a 23 inch scale. If you're familiar with Taylor Guitars 24 an eighth, the fuel of this. So if you're at home, you're like, Hey, how would this field? Because they result by going with a shorter scale, is that the strings are easier to push down. It's a slinky your field. If you took your standard scale 25 a half inch guitar and you tune it down a half step on your tuner down just half step. That slinky nous is what's going to be like this one. This is a standard tune, so it gives you a reference point to understand. Next thing is we have our nut with, which is one in 23 30 seconds, which doesn't give us any reference point. But what's important to know about that? Because if you think about a standard nut with on a guitar, it's either one in three quarters, which is traditional, too. You know a lot of Taylor guitars and especially in the USA markets. If you have 300 series and up or the American dreams and there'll be a one and three quarter or if you go down to a 100 or 200 series will get a 1 11 16. It falls just between there, and the advantage of that is it gives us enough string spacing, so we like to play finger style. We have enough spring spacing down here. We don't feel like we're too squished in, and that's awesome. On this particular guitar they give you. Go to many hardware and you can see the KOA is just lights out on this particular one. I mean, we're really lucky to get a beautiful guitar. It's maple bound. It has the Taylor expression system to electronics package built into it. You can see that go to many tuners there. A really gorgeous instrument, the vine in Les called Island Vine in the inland. This comes with an arrow case, uh, ebony fingerboard and bridge. So all the things you expect in a high end Taylor guitar and it basically mimics the Standard Co. A series. So if you look at a k 24 c e in terms of like the hardware, the physical cosmetic appointments, the edge burst finish, all those things are held true. Now the Grand Theatre isn't made for every guitar player. If you are the heaviest Strummer and your group of buddies that plays guitars, this guitar isn't gonna cut it for you. Um, I think about this instrument is being ideal for players who want extreme focus immediate response. And if you ever considered like a parlor guitar, right, if you've ever thought, Oh, I always wanted a parlor guitar. Sometimes the issue is some parlor guitars. Is there a little thin on the bottom end? By taking this body shape of the grand orchestra and shrinking into what they're calling the Grand Theatre, we still get this nice big bottom end in terms of the actual physical space of the guitar. And that's going to impact sonically because we're gonna get a nice Basie response. It's really cool about. Coalwood is co is known sonically for being really Midzi, very pronounced the mid and full. The top End's got this beautiful chin meanness to it, but it's not tinny, and the bottom end is the bass response is kind of tight and defined. It's not gonna be like a roaring bottom end, So if you're looking for a super thumb, p um, bottom end like you'd imagine a big dreadnought guitar. Obviously, this isn't your tool, but it is hyper present. It allows for players to find, uh, a plenty of bass response and allow you play all styles of music A lot of versatility in in this grand theater model. So what I wanna do is kind of show you the overhead because, as we know, KOA is a little bit stiffer on top, so it's not gonna flex like a spruce top guitar, So we're not gonna get as loud as a spruce top guitar, But we will get faster response. We sound better faster with a letter response because it starts to move right away. And I can't stress this enough. The definition is incredible. A lot of sustained. So let's check it out. A lot of output. I mean, the guitar is really big sounding. Given its design. You got to kind of remember that we are looking for a huge tone. We need a bigger guitar. I always say, If we're eating spaghetti and you use a knife, don't be mad at the knife. It's the wrong tool. This tool is made to sound amazing for ease of play balance response. The middle of the guitar is hyper impressive. I love the meds on KOA and this guitar stands out. Yeah, yeah. Mhm, Mhm, Mhm, Really, really responsive. Something else that's really cool about this instrument is it's got this chunky bottom end response. I'm gonna show you just playing a little more percussive Lee. That surprised me upon receiving it because I wasn't expecting to have that experience with it. Yeah, it's definitely noticeable. It feels great in your hands. I love small guitars personally, because I'm not a super heavy player and I want the guitar to sting and be really sweet easily. If you like to play finger style or the light medium attack. This guitar would be really a nice option for you because it would allow for the sound to open up and bloom with your attack levels again. You know, it's just like if we're the, uh, Pete Townsend and our group of friends to play guitar and we attack the guitar really, really aggressively. This guitar is not gonna meet the demand of your output. But if you find yourself wishing your guitar opened up more and you find that sometimes when you're playing finger style or your playing light medium attack and the guitar is not giving you the best tone it can give you until you have to push the guitar harder. And that's not how you play. This is an incredible choice. Uh, this particular guitar, like all of our Taylor guitars, is right at empire music dot com. I'd love for you subscribe to our channel feel like our content. Most importantly, we want to find you a great guitar and deliver you the best one imaginable. So we do a full factory set up we want to talk to You can go to empire music dot com and use the chat feature. You can talk with myself, Todd or Anthony right there. You give us a call. 4123435 to 99 I always call or text me for 1 to 9157118 This is the Tailor GT Grand Theatre K 21 E, which is an all solid koa wood design, maple bound ebony fretboard and bridge. When we get short scale 24 8, we get a one in 23 30 seconds. Not with to give us comfortable playability and tons of response expression systems to building. So if you like to play live and plug in, all covered and set to go, give us a shout here at Empire Music we'd love to talk to about this guitar or anything in our Taylor guitars collection. I'm Joe. Thanks for watching.

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