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[acoustic guitar played at 0:00 – 0:26]

Hey, what’s up you guys, Marty Schwartz here of Marty Music. It’s another Thursday Gear Video and Taylor Guitars was nice enough to send me this beautiful Academy guitar. It is a brand new guitar in the Taylor Guitars fleet. It is what they are considering their entry level guitar but it plays as nice as any professional guitar but what they did was they specifically tried to create the ultimate guitar to learn on, you know, so they say it is entry level but you know anyone can play it, I have been enjoying it a lot.

So, some of the things that they did was they streamlined it, so like for instance binding, no gloss finish, so they did the satin finish, no binding, the particular wood on the back. There are certain things they did so they can make it more affordable but the other things they did which are majorly beneficial to you as a guitar student is they designed it for easy playability. It has got the low action so the strings are really close to the fretboard but don’t buzz out. They have it set up for lighter gauge strings so it doesn’t hurt your fingers right away.

[speaker strums guitar]

Compared to maybe a different kind of an acoustic guitar. It has also got a built-in pickup so you can plug it in and play it like open mic or play it with a band and it has also got a built-in tuner in it as well. It sounds great, it plays really, really nice and Andy Powers who is the guitar builder at Taylor Guitars, he put a lot of effort into making basically what he considers the ultimate entry level guitar.

So I will leave a link below for you to check it out, there are a lot of specs and it goes through all the different details. I saw Jason Mraz just playing one of these and he was digging it and I really like it too, so I will just play it a little bit and then you can go ahead and check out Taylor Guitars in the link below.

Here we go.

[speaker plays guitar at 2:26 – 5:04]

Alright, so the Taylor Guitars New Academy is really fun to play, really easy to play. I have been just messing with it just because it is so easy that I have been playing it around my house and everything. Another cool feature about it is that, it also has this armrest right here so it is real cozy. Stick your arm over there, nice and cozy, it will make you want to play guitar.

Thanks again for hanging out and we will see you in another Thursday Gear Video real soon.

Take care!

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