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Taylor’s JR Robison details the key specs of the expanded 400 Series acoustic guitars, now featuring rosewood and ovangkol models.
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Today we’re going to talk about the Taylor 400 Series.

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The 400 Series is available with Solid Ovangkol back and sides or Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides, a Solid Sitka Spruce top, white binding, dot inlays, Ebony fretboard and bridge and Expression System 2 electronics. You’re also going to find an All-gloss finish on both models.

Ovangkol and Indian Rosewood are going to share many of the same tonal characteristics. You’re going to get a lot of bass, you’re going to get a lot of sparkly highs but Ovangkol is going to have a lot more mid-range than Rosewood.

Visually, Ovangkol is going to be a little lighter in color, going to have some green and blonde hues. Indian Rosewood is going to be straight green and dark, traditionally, like Rosewood.

The 400 Series is available in Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, Grand Symphony, Dreadnought and Grand Orchestra. So, it is available in all five body shapes.

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