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Guitar World Tech Editor Paul Riario demos the Taylor Guitars Academy Series 10e and 12e acoustics. For the full review, check out: ...
[rock music playing] 0:00 – 0:07

Hey, what’s up, it’s Paul from Guitar World.

Now, Taylor Guitars is well-known for making beautiful high-end acoustics. This time around, with their Academy Series, the 10e which is a Dreadnought, the 12e which is a Grand Concert and not shown, the 12e nylon, these are affordable guitars that sound great, play great and of course, will keep you coming back to play even more.

This time around I’m going to show you the 10e and the 12e acoustic, so let’s check them out.

[Academy 10e playing] 0:38 – 1:30

[Academy 12e playing] 1:34 – 2:32

The Taylor Guitars Academy Series are affordable acoustics. They are designed with shorter scales that make it easier to play and want you coming back for more and that’s just the point. Taylor wants you to keep playing these guitars and not be intimidated by them. So whether you want a Dreadnought style in the 10e or a Grand Concert style in the 12e or a Nylon string guitar in the 12en you will find one that appeals to you whether it would be with electronics or not electronics, definitely check them out.

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