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With commentary and guidance from Taylor factory pros, the Where Do I Start series will help you find the right guitar according to price, sound, and playing style.

We talk to guitar players all the time, the common question is; “I got around $2,000.00 for a good guitar, where do I start?” That’s a great question. When looking at buying a guitar around $2,000.00 you really broaden up your choices. It is the entry point for all solid wood guitars, you get different body shape choices and you get Tonewood pairings that can flavor the sound for any solid music you are going to play.

Now let me show you a few guitars around $2,000.00 in that price point within the Taylor line.

This is a Taylor 314ce and notice the “c” and the “e” in the model number, “c” stands for cutaway, making this guitar easy to play up in the upper register and the “e” stands for electronics. This guitar is not built with the Taylor ES2 system. One of the most dynamic pickups on the market. This also comes with a Sitka Spruce top and a Solid Sapele back and sides. Mixedwood tailor innovative design and comfortable playability. This guitar is a bargain around $2,000.00.

Now the guitar I am holding here, still in the 300 Series is a 322ce 12-Fret. Now this one has a different Tonewood pairing than the one I showed you previously. This one has Solid Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides and a Solid Mahogany top. Notice I said 12-Fret, well, what is a 12-Fret? A 12-Fret is where the neck meets the body at the 12-Fret. This is Taylor’s smallest full-sized body shape making it super comfortable, super easy to play for hours on end.

Now this guitar here, back to a classic. The classic dreadnought body shape. This is a 410e-R, it has Solid Rosewood back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, great for standing up in front of a crowd, playing live, playing against other guitars. It will compete. It has got volume, it has got voice. This guitar is a killer-sounding guitar with all the classic features of a traditional dreadnought.

Here is a few takeaways from buying a guitar around $2,000.00:
Make sure it is all-solid-wood.
You have different body shape choices, find the one that is most comfortable for you; and
You have different Tonewood pairings. Make sure you get the guitar that sounds best for the style of music that you are playing.

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