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With commentary and guidance from Taylor factory pros, the Where Do I Start series will help you find the right guitar according to price, sound, and playing style.

The two main things we’re looking at in a good guitar around $500.00 are comfort and playability. What do we mean by comfort and what do we mean by playability? With regard to comfort, we want a body, a guitar body that fits really nicely in your lap and that feels comfortable to you.

Some bodies are bigger, some bodies are smaller, some human are bigger, some humans are smaller. We all have that shape that is going to fit really nicely in our lap. So, comfort is going to allow you to sit longer. When you play the guitar longer, the better you’re going to get. So comfort, ergonomic comfort of the guitar in your lap is the first thing that we should be looking for.

With regard to playability, we’re talking about a guitar that’s really easy to play. It should stay in tune, it should have nice low action which is the string height over the fret. It should be very easy to squeeze your fingers on the frets and to make the chords or notes that you want to make. So, when you marry the two together, the guitar that’s comfortable on your lap and the guitar that’s easy to play are the two things you should be looking for in a guitar around $500.00

Now let me show you a few models in the Taylor line that meet the criteria that we just laid out. Comfort and playability. The first model I’d like to show you in the Taylor line around $500.00 is the Academy Series. This is one of the newest series of guitars here at Taylor and it was designed with exactly what we just discussed in line. Comfort and playability.

The Academy 10 and the 12ce that you see here are slightly smaller and the scale or the overall length of the neck is slightly shorter, giving everything a very, very ergonomic comfortable feel. So, in the Academy Series, you’re really going to get guitars that are comfortable and playable for around $500.00.

The second model I’d like to introduce you to, is a GS Mini. A GS Mini is the best-selling travel guitar in the world. Why? Well, it’s comfortable and it’s got great playability. The GS Mini is slightly smaller than the Academy Series that we just met, that means it’s going to be an excellent travel buddy. You can fit a couple of them on an overhead compartment on a plane, but most importantly, the GS Mini has a voice that belies its smaller size. It’s warm, it’s loud and it actually sounds like a full-sized guitar.

Another great thing about the GS Mini is the bag that it comes in. The bag is durable, it’s lightweight, it’s got two backpack straps and it’s ready for adventure wherever you might be in the world.

The third shape I’d like to introduce to you is the Taylor 110e. This is going to be a slightly larger shape than the two that we previously discussed. It’s also built on our Dreadnought body shape, so, it’s going to have a little bit of a wider waist here on the guitar. It’s going to work better for players like myself who have a heavier hand, like to dig in with maybe a little bit of a heavier gauge pick.

So we just met three excellent choices for a player that’s looking for a guitar around $500.00. Each of them has a little bit of different shape, all of them have that comfort and playability that we set out looking for.

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